Zeiss Batis 18mm Lens Review

A7ii w/ 18mm Zeiss Batis lens 1/100 sec f/4 ISO 1000

The Zeiss Batis super wide-angle lens manages to fit everything into the frame without sacrificing any detail or depth. Weighing in at a meager 11.6 ounces, less than a pound, it is a premium choice for shooters looking for a compact and quality lens.


It caught me off guard a bit seeing how short the lens is and how it dramatically narrows in towards the body of the camera. I find myself grabbing the camera by this lens more often than any other because of how it naturally fits your hand. It also looks very sleek with lens hood on, which fits perfectly and the firm click lets you know it is locked into place. The smooth metal that makes up the majority of the lens is offset by the smooth rubber focus ring that glides continuously.


My favorite part about this lens was the sharpness from corner to corner, especially for being so wide at 18mm. It doesn’t miss a thing and the clarity is tremendous if you zoom in to inspect - not to mention the lens flares are easy on the eyes. I joked with my wife about the photo below because if you zoom in on the SUV in the lower right corner, you will see her waiting for me to be finished taking long exposures on a walking overpass in downtown Los Angeles. Be right there, hunny!

A7ii w/ 18mm Zeiss Batis lens 30 sec f/14 ISO 50


For being so wide, the lens creates considerable depth and bokeh when objects or focus points are closeup at f/2.8. It certainly is a nice feature to have for wide portraits when you want to show people in the whole scene. Having the OLED display on top of the lens is very helpful because you can precisely set the focus distance or depth of field - this is great for manually focusing for astrophotography as well.

A7ii w/ 18mm Zeiss Batis lens 1/3200 sec f/2.8 ISO 2000

True Color

This lens does a great job of keeping the darkness in the shadows even in harsh light conditions. The color rendering is solid, not too punchy, and I didn’t have to adjust colors too often and/or very much in post-processing. Also, there wasn’t any noticeable banding in my low-light photos like has happened in other lenses I have tried.

A7ii w/ 18mm Zeiss Batis lens 10 sec f/10 ISO 200

Overall Performance

The Batis 18m is a great overall lens as the overall quality is surely up to the Zeiss standard both in the construction and photo quality. I would recommend getting this lens because you can take it anywhere as it basically fits in a large jacket pocket, yet can capture so much quality information in one photo.

A7ii w/ 18mm Zeiss Batis lens 20 sec f/11 ISO 320

To buy the Zeiss Batis 18mm lens you can use this link… https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1243591-REG/zeiss_2136_691_batis_18mm_f_2_8_lens.html/BI/20832/KBID/16655

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